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We are dedicated in finding adequate solutions that meet our clients needs, with the use
of technologically advanced solutions. Waterproofing, air sealing, damp proofing and insulations of flat roofs, terraces and other surfaces that need protection.

Big part of infrastructural objects in the region chose the MMA protection system. MMA is an abbreviation for a chemical compound “methyl methacrylate”.

In accordance with the world trends, the use of MMA is getting more prevalent. Together with our partners who are world leaders, mainly in the production of MMA waterproofing, GCP Applied Technologies (formerly Stirling Lloyd) we offer on the regional market technical solution which are proven to give adequate protection to civil engineering constructions no matter the weather or conditions.

We are proud of our engineering public which has in the last decade recognized all the benefits of the system that we are using on the market in this region.

Use of MMA is widespread in many segments of our life. For example, MMA has a very common use in medical health work. Reasons lie in reliability, safety and longevity of the material. It is used in various ways in dental medicine, prosthetics, complicated operations where the material is expected to perform, and at the same time be safe for people and the environment.

With infrastructure, use of MMA is key in prolonging the lifespan of structures, and at the same time keeping the cost of maintenance low besides raising the general safety of the construction. We also offer adequate waterproofing systems for tunnels, metro tunnels and metro stations.

Used in construction of: bridges, viaducts, overpass, parking spaces, underpasses, tunnels.

PDF: GCP BRidge deck waterproofing

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Geomembranes do not affect and are not affected by the environment, and are therefore the ultimate barrier in all types of water and liquid containment.

Geomembranes can be installed exposed to weather and atmosphere, or covered by soil or water. Strength, elasticity and service life remains untouched by mechanical stress, settlements temperatures, chemical and biological influence.

For example EPDM membranes have no negative influence on nature. Fishes, aquatic or biological life in and around ponds and reservoirs are not harmed. The membrane is chemically stable and does not contain any additives or plasticizers that will be emitted or released during the service life, or when discarded or recycled. Geomembranes (for example EPDM) can be used for ponds, Irrigation water canals, fish farming, landfills, Green gardens on terraces, decks, Irrigation reservoirs Irrigation water tanks Manure ponds, etc.

/ system solutions

Global trends in urban environments plan an increase in green surfaces, which ultimately leads to green roof solutions.

Our close cooperation with one of Europe’s leading companies – Optigreen, Germany, grants us access to adequate technical solutions and products which are necessary for implementing quality green roofs. We offer solutions for flat & pitched roofs, roof gardens and terraces.

Besides green roofs, green facades are a step in the direction of ensuring greener urban environments. This will result in better greener environments that will aid in combating global warming.

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During the last 3 decades we have positioned ourselves as a reliable supplier of high quality seals for doors, windows and other industrial use where good sealing is needed.

Our offer is divided by the following groups:

 – Sealing profiles for industrial usage on doors and windows.

PDF: Industrijski ugradni dihtunzi

– Self-adhesive sealing profiles for a wide range of industrial applications.

PDF: Samolepljivi industrijski dihtunzi

– Self-adhesive sealing profiles for DIY use“.

PDF: Samolepljive KPD

– Affordable energy saving additional window sealing system – Europstrip“.

PDF: Euro Strip

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Distribution of Expansion Joints for all types of industrial applications, residential houses, industrial plants, industrial premises as well as heating and sanitary applications.

/ wholesale and delivery

The technological advancement in the development of facades has led to the use of materials that beside their aesthetic value, benefit energy savings and make living in these spaces much more comfortable.

We offer a wide range of different type materials, products and solutions for adequate installation of windows and facades.